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Lifelong Learning

Pathways Institute, the center for lifelong learning in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and surrounding areas.

Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning


Recognizing that older adults have much to celebrate, discover, and share, Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning was established by Messiah Lifeways to find meaningful use of their talents and abilities. Pathways Institute provides older adults with opportunities to engage in mental, cultural and spiritual activities promoting their overall wellness.

Pathways Institute members can take advantage of lifelong learning to:

  • Enjoy continued learning in a variety of educational settings
  • Attend and participate in lectures and courses
  • Attend cultural enrichment events and programs in various locations
  • Share their own legacies, knowledge, and expertise by teaching, mentoring, and leading discussions with peers
  • Engage in wellness education programs
  • Enhance spiritual growth and well-being
  • Engage in service to others in the community
  • Participate in unique intergenerational experiences
Pathways Institute for lifelong learning serves the entire Central PA region, including community members living in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and beyond. Contact us today for more information.


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