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Do you or your loved one have questions about Messiah Lifeways and how we can serve individuals age 55 and better in South Central Pennsylvania? Read the answers to frequently asked questions, below.

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Age In Place

How much does Messiah Lifeways At Home charge for its services?


Messiah Lifeways At Home offers a variety of in-home solutions — individualizing personal, home, and technology solutions — with a comprehensive list of fees. For a full list of services and rates, call, email or download the At Home Fact Sheet: 

At Home Fact Sheet



How do I enroll my loved one in the Adult Day program?


First, you should schedule an appointment to visit to learn more about the program. During your visit, team members can explain the enrollment process. To enroll, a care assessment must be performed by an Adult Day team member, and a medical evaluation form must be completed by a physician.


Will Medicare or other health insurance cover Respite care?


No. Respite services are typically non-medical, non-skilled services and health insurance typically does not pay for these types of services. However, if someone has purchased long-term care insurance, there may be some coverage for Messiah Lifeways At Home or Enhanced Living Respite depending on your individual policy. There is some financial assistance available for Adult Day services, pending eligibility.

We provide respite care services to Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, and the entire Central PA region. Contact us today to learn more about our respite homes and respite care programs.


How does the reservation process work for the Enhanced Living Respite Care?


It is best to call at least one month ahead to check the availability of a respite room. When there is availability, a medical assessment is required, along with a medical evaluation form to be completed by a physician. This and other paperwork is time sensitive. Please contact the Messiah Lifeways Welcome Center for more details at 717.790.8201.


How much do these Respite care options cost?


There are several types of respite services available, with varying rates, it is best to contact the respective services listed above.


Is there an entrance or admission fee to be admitted to Messiah Lifeways Rehab? 


No. Rehab candidates being admitted with health insurance coverage pay no fees. An application is required to be considered for admission and, based on someone’s need, we may require a financial disclosure on the application.


Once I’ve completed rehab, what comes next? 


An interdisciplinary team including the doctor, nurse, therapist, social worker, and you formulate a discharge plan that may include a home safety evaluation, recommendations and referrals for in-home services and durable medical equipment, scheduling of follow-up appointments, and possibly follow-up in-home or outpatient therapy. Messiah Lifeways Rehab is committed to getting you back on the road to recovery so you can get back home.


Will Medicare or other health insurance cover my stay in rehab?


In most cases, Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, and other supplemental health insurance plans will cover some or all of the rehab stay, pending pre-approval by some insurance plans, as well as qualifying factors such as a hospitalization and physician's orders.


What type of rehabilitation is provided?


Often referred to as sub-acute rehab, Wagner offers nearly three hours of physical, occupational, and speech therapy per day as prescribed by a physician and as tolerated. Rehabilitation specialties include orthopedic, stroke/cardiac, and degenerative neurological disorders and impairments.


If I am admitted to Messiah Lifeways Rehab, where will I stay?


Rehab candidates are generally admitted to the Wagner Transitional Care neighborhood, designed specifically for those needing physical, occupational, or speech therapies and nursing care services. Wagner is self-contained and is separate from long-term nursing.


Must I be a resident of Messiah Village to use Messiah Lifeways Rehab?


No. Community members from all over the Capital Region in need of rehabilitation after hospitalization can come to Messiah Lifeways Rehab.


Is there transportation available for Adult Day services? 


Yes. Please call for details on Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, and York counties transportation services.

Our Adult Day program in Cumberland County serves the entire Central PA region, including Dauphin county, Perry county, Northern York county, and parts of Adams and Franklin counties. Whether you live in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, or the surrounding area, we have adult day services that can enrich the life of your loved one. Contact us today for more information.

Mechanicsburg location: 717.790.8224



Is there financial assistance available to pay for Adult Day services?


Yes. Financial assistance is available for those who may qualify. The County Agency on Aging and Community Services provides funding for those deemed eligible. The Messiah Lifeways Community Support Fund is another funding resource. For more information, please call the respective location.

How old must you be to attend Messiah Lifeways Adult Day?

Anyone age 60 and better is eligible to use the program.


Does my loved one have to attend Adult Day services eight hours a day, five days a week?

No they do not but there is a minimum attendance of 2 days a week. This helps create structure and routine for your loved one.

What are the fees for the Messiah Lifeways Adult Day program? 


The rates are based on two levels of care. For more information and a full list of rates, please call the respective location or download the Adult Day Fact Sheet.


Will my Medicare or other health insurance cover Messiah Lifeways At Home? 


Home care services are typically not covered by health insurance. Therefore, home care is typically private pay, or a covered service for those who have purchased long-term care insurance.

We offer home care services in the central PA region including but not limted to Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Dillsburg.

Call us today at 717.790.8209 to learn more.


Does Messiah Lifeways At Home provide home healthcare or skilled care in my home?


No. Messiah Lifeways At Home offers non-medical or custodial home care provided by bonded and insured home care aides, along with other staff that provides housekeeping, maintenance, or transportation services. It does not provide services such as nursing care or physical therapy.


How old must one be to use Messiah Lifeways At Home?


Anyone in the service area age 55 or better can utilize Messiah Lifeways At Home.


Is this service only available to Messiah Village residents?


No. You do not have to live at Messiah Village to take advantage of these services. Messiah Lifeways At Home serves older adults in Cumberland County and parts of Dauphin, Perry, and Northern York counties. 


Get Guidance

When and why was the Messiah Lifeways Coaching program created?


The program started in February 2012, and was designed to help older adults and their loved ones navigate the many different resources, options, and challenges people face during the journey of aging. Coaching serves as a great starting point, and offers ongoing guidance and advocacy for individuals looking to achieve a goal or desired outcome with problem-solving and action plans.


Is Messiah Lifeways Coaching only for residents of Messiah Village?


No. Coaching services are not only available to residents of Messiah Village and clients and members of Messiah Lifeways; coaching services are here to serve the community at large, as well as fellow staff members, vendors, and professional contacts.


How much does Messiah Lifeways Coaching cost?


All coaching services are free of charge with the exception of the Coaching Workshops, which generally charge a nominal registration fee.


Live Well

I am interested in joining, but would like to learn more about the activities and take a tour of the center. Whom should I contact? 


Please contact the Mechanicsburg Place Manager at 717.697.5947 to learn more about this senior center and schedule a tour.


I am unable to drive. Is there transportation available to Mechanicsburg Place?


If you are unable to drive or do not wish to, free buses are available to and from Mechanicsburg Place through rabbittransit.

To schedule transportation, contact their office:
1.800.632.9063 | Mechanicsburg Place: 717.697.5947

Do I have to live in Mechanicsburg to join Mechanicsburg Place?


No. You do not have to reside in Mechanicsburg, or even Cumberland County, to be a member of Mechanicsburg Place.


What does it cost to join Mechanicsburg Place?


You can choose to pay a supporting membership fee of $25 per year, which provides vital support for the ongoing operation of the center. However, anyone 60+ may participate in center activities without cost, except where fees are specifically noted.


I’ve never belonged to a gym or fitness center. How do you get Wellness members acclimated?


All new members receive an orientation to the wellness facility, equipment, and programming options. Members are also offered one free training session with a personal trainer to help them set up a personalized wellness program.


Many gyms or fitness programs require you join for a year or more. What about the Messiah Lifeways Wellness Program?


We offer very flexible membership fees, such as monthly memberships and use-as-you-go punch cards.

Who can join the Messiah Lifeways Wellness Program?

Membership is open to anyone age 55 and better living in South Central PA looking to stay fit, healthy, and strong.


How much does it cost to join the Messiah Lifeways Wellness Program?


There are a number of different membership options for the aquatic and fitness programs and personal fitness training. For more details and a list of fees, contact the Wellness Program at 717.591.7222,, or download the Messiah Lifeways Wellness Fact Sheet.


What are the hours of operation for the Messiah Lifeways Wellness Program?


Because there is such a variety of wellness and fitness programming throughout the day and week, it is best to contact the Wellness Program at 717.591.7222 for more details on the specific program you are interested in participating in.


Make The Move

Do I purchase my apartment or cottage in Residential Living?

Residents who move into a cottage do not own their cottage. Residents pay an entrance fee and a monthly fee which gives them the right to live in the cottage for as long as they choose to stay. Part of the entrance fee is refundable once the resident moves out of the cottage and the cottage is re-occupied. Messiah Lifeways is responsible for the maintenance of the interior and exterior of the cottage and for any updates that are needed in order for the next resident to occupy the cottage. Because residents do not own the home, they do not pay property taxes.


Do you allow pets in the Residential Living?


Yes, a cat or dog is allowed. Dogs must be kept on a leash and cats must stay indoors.

Do I need to be Brethren in Christ to move to Messiah Village?
Residents living at Messiah Village come from many different faith traditions. The Messiah Lifeways pastoral ministries team gives priority to Christian and Brethren in Christ expression and approach to ministry, while finding ways to embrace and respect the values and traditions of others.

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