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Short-term Rehab

Short-term rehabilitation. We’ll get you home faster.

Messiah Lifeways Recovery Center at Messiah Village is a warm and inviting place to recover and rejuvenate following a hospitalization or illness. Wagner Transitional Care has been specially designed for short-term central rehab stays. This program is available for both residents of Messiah Village as well as the community at large who are in need of short-term care.

If you’ve endured a stroke or cardiac event, you need a positive, person-centered short-term physical rehab program that will get you back on your feet and back home as quickly as possible. Wagner Transitional Care  leads the way with outstanding outcomes and a dedicated team of therapists, clinicians, and physicians who specialize in your quality short-term physical rehabilitation planning.

Quality matters— and the numbers speak for themselves. On average, our stroke and cardiac patients are experiencing improvements that match or exceed the national average.

Learn about our Messiah Village Rehab Center, our highly-skilled team, our impressive track record, and the multitude of amenities we offer.

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Areas of Specialty

Our short-term physical rehabilitation center provides multiple areas of specialty, including:
  • Cardiac restorative care
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Home evaluation by therapy staff to ensure a safe and efficient return home
  • Outpatient therapy by the same therapists once you return home
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Post-surgical and joint replacement rehabilitation
  • Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) therapy
  • Vestibular therapy
  • Wound management
  • Pain management
  • IV Therapy

short term rehab facility for seniors Mechanicsburg

Our Highly-Skilled Team

The highly-trained, caring team at Messiah Lifeways short-term rehabilitation center includes:
  • A nurse liaison who meets you in the hospital or in your home and ensures a smooth transition to Wagner Transitional Care
  • Two physicians solely dedicated to serving individuals at Messiah Village
  • Highly-trained physical and occupational therapists and speech pathologists
  • Messiah Lifeways nurses certified to administer wound care

Abundant Amenities

When you stay at our short-term physical rehab, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Recover in Wagner Transitional Care, specially designed for short-term stays and rehabilitation
  • Rejuvenate on our beautiful 80-acre Messiah Village campus with lots of outdoor spaces for relaxing
  • Visit our coffee shop, gift shop, library, art studio, and chapel—without leaving the Village Center
  • Pamper yourself at our salon and enjoy massage therapy
  • Stay connected with WiFi and computer access
  • Enjoy concerts, cultural events, and faith-based activities

Our Track Record

Our short-term rehabilitation program has a proven track record of success:
  • Lower length of stay
  • Lower readmission rates back to hospitals

    *Data from RehabCare. National averages based on a total of 1900+ facilities nationwide.

Messiah Lifeways serves Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, and the entire Central PA region. To learn more, contact us:

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I be a resident of Messiah Village to use Messiah Lifeways Rehab?


No. Community members from all over the Capital Region in need of rehabilitation after hospitalization can come to Messiah Lifeways Rehab.


If I am admitted to Messiah Lifeways Rehab, where will I stay?


Rehab candidates are generally admitted to the Wagner Transitional Care neighborhood, designed specifically for those needing physical, occupational, or speech therapies and nursing care services. Wagner is self-contained and is separate from long-term nursing.


What type of rehabilitation is provided?


Often referred to as sub-acute rehab, Wagner offers nearly three hours of physical, occupational, and speech therapy per day as prescribed by a physician and as tolerated. Rehabilitation specialties include orthopedic, stroke/cardiac, and degenerative neurological disorders and impairments.


Will Medicare or other health insurance cover my stay in rehab?


In most cases, Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, and other supplemental health insurance plans will cover some or all of the rehab stay, pending pre-approval by some insurance plans, as well as qualifying factors such as a hospitalization and physician's orders.


Once I’ve completed rehab, what comes next? 


An interdisciplinary team including the doctor, nurse, therapist, social worker, and you formulate a discharge plan that may include a home safety evaluation, recommendations and referrals for in-home services and durable medical equipment, scheduling of follow-up appointments, and possibly follow-up in-home or outpatient therapy. Messiah Lifeways Rehab is committed to getting you back on the road to recovery so you can get back home.


Is there an entrance or admission fee to be admitted to Messiah Lifeways Rehab? 


No. Rehab candidates being admitted with health insurance coverage pay no fees. An application is required to be considered for admission and, based on someone’s need, we may require a financial disclosure on the application.


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